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  • How many free tickets do i get when i convert my "Attendee" account into an "Organizer" account?

    You will be able to sell 5 free tickets in order to be able to setup your first profile and create an event under it. Your account will automatically be set as "Pay as you sell" when converting it from "Attendee" to "Organizer".

  • How much does Ticketdood's service cost?

    Please refer to our pricing page in order to find information related to pricing.

  • What is "Pay as you sell"?

    When converting your account from "Attendee" to "Organizer", you will be able to create up to 20 profiles and as many events as you wish sorted under your profiles for an easier management of your events. After using up your first 5 free tickets, an application fee of HKD 8 per ticket sold will be charged to your Stripe account. "Pay as you sell" is the default account status you will start with but you can also upgrade it to a monthly plan if you manage multiple events or organize regular events.

  • How do i connect my Stripe account?

    In the "Settings" menu that you can access by hovering the top right icon when you are on Ticketdood's homepage. Once on the setting page, click on "Connect Stripe Account".
    - If you do not have a Stripe account yet do not worry :) If you are a registered business you can apply directly to open your first Stripe account via Ticketdood's Stripe Connect account. Just click on "Connect Stripe Account" and follow the setup instructionsto create your Stripe Account. After filling all the required information, Your account will automatically be connected to Your Ticketdood account and you will be able to start processing payments in no time.
    If you already have a Stripe account, you will be able to sign into your account by clicking on the small "Sign in" link on the top right of the Stripe Connect page.

  • How long does it take to get my Stripe account approved?

    It is usually instant approval by Stripe if your infromation about your business is correctly entered during the registration process. Make sure to be carefule when entering those long numbers !

  • What is an "Application fee"?

    An "Application fee" is a fee charged by Ticketdood to your Stripe account directly when you will receive the payments from your attendees. The Application fee is a charge of HKD 8 per ticket sold on your events via the Ticketdood marketplace.

  • Do i have to pay any other fees than the "Application fee" or the "Monthly plan fee"?

    No,Ticketdood will not charge any other fees.

  • How do i pay the Application fee?

    You will be debited of the amount of the "Application fee" upon each transactions that go through your Stripe account.

  • Does Stripe have any fees?

    Yes Stripe will charge 3.4% + HKD 2.35 per transaction.They will charge you when you receive the payments from your attendees.

  • Why do we have montly plans and not just "Pay as you sell"?

  • Why should i register under a monthly plan?

    Because you will only pay once every month and enjoy the number of tickets available in your monthly plan at a lower rate than the Application fee. The montly plans are more adapted to businesses that do regular events.

  • What happens once i reach the limit of the tickets contained in my plan?

    Two options will present to you:
    1. You can upgrade to a higher account and enjoy an even lower rate per ticket sold than your current plan. Note that your plan renewal date will be changed when upgrading your monthly plan to a higher one.
    2. You can go over limit of your current plan and be charged an Application fee per extra ticket sold. The Application fee rate will correspond to your current monthly plan's per ticket sold rate that you can find at any time on your "Settings" page..

  • How do i stop my plan auto renewal?

    You need to go on the "Account plan" Page and select "Pay as you sell". As a "Pay as you sell" account, you will not be charge monthly plans anymore but you will be charged an Application fee of HKD 8 per ticket sold if you create a new event and start selling tickets again.


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